Contract Number:

December 23 2015 through December 22 2020

Period of Performance:

All Federal Agencies; Authorized Government Contractors

Authorized Users:

GSA Schedule IT-70 is a government-wide contract vehicle that supports government requirements for high-performance IT solutions by providing access to state-of-the-art commercial hardware, software, and professional services.

IT professional services include IT facility operation and maintenance, IT systems development, IT systems analysis, automated information systems design and integration, programming, IT backup and security, IT data conversion, and IT network management services.

Filius provides the following services in Special Item Numbers (SIN) 70-500 (Order-Level Materials), 132-20 (Automated Contact Center Solutions), 132-51 (Information Technology Professional Services), and 132-100 (Ancillary Supplies and Services):


  • Programming Services

  • Information Assurance

  • IT Data Conversion Services

  • IT Systems Analysis Services

  • IT Network Management Services

  • IT Backup and Security Services

  • IT Systems Development Services

  • IT Facility Operation and Maintenance

  • Automated Information System Design and Integration

  • Desktop Management

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