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Program Management Production / Research & Development (R&D) / Logistics / Earned Value Management (EVM) - Cost Analysis /  Program - Acquisition Analysis Support

Contract Number:


Period of Performance:

October 17 2017 through October 16 2022

Authorized Users:

U.S. Army Project Manager Solder Weapons (PM SW)

The U.S. Army Project Manager Soldier Weapons (PM SW) supports soldiers through the enhancement of current systems and development of next generation weapons technology.  The PM SW focuses on ensuring soldiers are equipped with world-class weapon systems and associated target acquisition / fire-control products. 

The contract provides program acquisition recommendations, program coordination, and guidance to support the decision-making process for PM SW Product Directors.  This is accomplished through leading and attending Integrated Product Team (IPT) meetings; providing research, analyses, and reports; reviewing and commenting on documents; and preparing original acquisition documents.  These efforts are provided in support of Research and Development (R&D), Production, Logistics, weapon systems, and remote weapon stations and platforms.

The contract also provides the preparation and maintenance of an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) for programs that require EVM - cost analysis support; as well as expertise in integrating information technologies and enhancements to the Business Management Information System software in support of program - acquisition analysis support.

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